Northern and Central NJ's Partner in Fundraising Since 1996

Accepted Items

Clothing & Shoes


Men's, Women's, Children's, Infants'



Belts, Purses, Backpacks, Caps, Travel Bags, Caps 



Bedsheets, towels, curtains



Soft or Hard Toys, below 14 inches in size



Must have all working functional parts, no flat tires.

CD's & DVD's


Must be in appropriate cases, no burned copies or loose discs.

Additional Information

All items donated must be in good, usable condition.


The clothing and other items we collect are NOT SHREDDED.  

All donated items will be processed upon arrival to ensure that they meet eligible donation criteria.  We reserve the right to refuse or not reimburse for items that do not meet the acceptable criteria for donation as described.


Items may be bagged in:

White kitchen garbage bags (13 gallon size)
Retail shopping bags (from Target/Walmart, Old Navy, etc)
Black garbage bags (no larger than 30 gal, and do not fill more than halfway)
Re-usable/canvas/plastic/fabric shopping bags, laundry bags ​

Please do not bring donations in storage totes, or boxes, or donate loose items.  

All Donations should be bagged!


Not Acceptable Items:

-Leftover Thrift Store or Rummage Sale Items of any kind

-Books, Board Games, Puzzles, Large Toys (above 14 inches in size)
-Art Supplies (Crayons, Markers, Coloring Books, Crafting Items,Fabric Scraps)
-Furniture, Rugs, Exercise Equipment, Appliances or Electronics of Any Kind (Nothing with a Cord)
-Winter Boots, Winter Coats, Single shoes, Roller Skates, Ice Skates
-Dirty, Damp, Damaged, Tattered items, Rags, Items with Holes or Tears, Broken Items
-Pack and Plays, Car Seats, Strollers, Baby Seats, Loungers
-Miscellaneous Housewares, Decorative Items, Bric-Brac
-Dishes, Glassware, Baking/Cookware, Pots/Pans, Kitchenware of any Kind

 Frequently Asked Questions:

What Happens to the Clothes and other Items?

The  clothing we collect is sorted and exported to those in need, most to  third world countries, such as in Africa. Our clothing collections are  not shredded. We encourage patrons to donate items that are in good,  usable condition. Most of the items are sent outside of the United  States because these second hand items are much needed in other parts of  the world, where its residents cannot afford new items, or the cost of  these items even at a thrift store retail prices within the United  States.

Most of these countries do not have the means to import  or produce new clothing at all, so they are very much reliant on usable  second hand items from the United States. Sending items to these areas  helps supply them with much needed garments that they would not have  access to, or be able to afford to purchase otherwise. 


White bags, black bags, boxes, other misc bags - How should items be packaged for donation?

Use whatever you have on hand! Retail Shopping Bags: from Target, Walmart, Marshalls, etc - either plastic or the reusable type! Any re-usable grocery, retail, or laundry bags, 13 gallon white kitchen bags, or even a few large black bags.

*If you do use black bags - do not use over the 30 gallon size, and do not fill them more than ½- ¾. Overfilled black bags are not only unsafe to maneuver, but overfilling them increases the likelihood that they will stretch, rip, and potentially damage the items inside. Black bags are usually best for bulkier items that take up more space, but are not necessarily heavier. Sheets, towels, toys, etc.

As the organization collecting items for the clothing drive, should we be checking/ sorting through whatever is donated? Should we re-bag anything?

NO! Do not touch it!  However it comes in, is how we will take it.  If you transfer it from one bag to another, or remove anything, it is now considered sorted, and we cannot accept sorted items.

All you can do is advertise clearly what items are acceptable to be donated, and ask that they be bagged appropriately.

We can provide a flyer template to you that includes this information. Any potential donors are always welcome to contact us directly with questions.

What does it mean when something is "sorted", or "unsorted"?

"Unsorted", means directly donated items.  Items have gone from someone's home, into a bag, and to your fundraiser, and has not been touched otherwise,  no one has taken anything out of that bag.  

Let's say that same bag of donations was not brought to your fundraiser, but to a thrift store, instead.  The thrift store will take the best of whatever was originally donated, and put it on the rack.  They may even take out the worst and discard it, which may seem like a good thing, but either way, it has now been "sorted".  We cannot accept these items.

We can only accept directly donated clothing and other items. (unsorted)

Our organization has a rummage/yard sale each year. Will you be able to pick up the leftover items from this? What if we have a clothing drive separately from our rummage/yard sale?

Leftover merchandise from yard/rummage sales is sorted, so unfortunately, no, we cannot pick up any leftover clothing from rummage or yard sales.  We cannot coordinate a clothing drive with your organization at another time if you have a rummage/yard sale throughout the year.   We also cannot pick up from your organization if you are affiliated with a thrift store.

Is there a minimum required for a pick up?

We recommend collecting at least 100 bags in any case to ensure your fundraiser is a financially successful endeavor.  

This is a minimum requirement for a weekend pick up, or a fundraising event outside of the Morris County area.

How can we make sure that we collect 100 bags?

1) Ask ahead for estimated donations from those you know will donate, so you will know how much you can anticipate.

2) Provide alternative donation drop off times and locations aside from the day of the event, and ask volunteers to bring these items to the date of the event or pick up.

3) Extend the collection period – find a location to collect donations continuously to ensure that you hit your goal!

What happens if we do not collect at least 100 bags?

It doesn’t happen often that a fundraiser collects much less than this, especially when following our recommendations for a successful collection, but if you are close enough, we will still pick it up - don't worry!  

If your collection falls very far below the minimum, and you are scheduled for a weekend, we may need to re-schedule you to be picked up during the week, or to set up a time to drop off donations at our facility during normal business hours.

The driver will contact you prior to departure, and we will determine from there.  

**You must set up an appointment ahead of time to drop off a fundraiser here**

Are there any other specifics for storing the donations until they are picked up?

Yes!  Please make arrangements for proper storage/protection of your donation collections in the event of rain.

Of course, we have no way to know what the weather will do months ahead when the fundraisers are scheduled, but do be prepared to accommodate for rain. If you will not have access to inside storage for the day of your collection, try to recruit a few volunteers who may have larger SUV's, Van's, Minivans, etc, where donations can be stored and kept dry until we arrive to pick them up.

If the contents of the bags of donations get wet, they become unusable.

We want to have a fundraiser, but we do not have the space!  


Hold your event at our facility!  We have a great parking lot and will certainly loan it out to you for a day for your collection!   

Corporate Sponsors:  Host a Clothing Donation Drive, without having to figure out where to store the donations in your building.  

Coordinate with us to have the clothing donations dropped off here!  

How can we make more money from our clothing drive?   

Did you know that you can earn significantly more by scheduling to drop off your clothing drive collection at our facility? 

You can arrange to bring it all at once, or if you would like to direct your donors to drop off here over a period of time (a day, a week, a month, etc) we will keep a running tally of donations received for your organization and pay out the cumulative total afterward!

Contact us to make arrangements!