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Clothing Drives


Clothing Drives are an easy way to earn a bulk amount of revenue all at once!   We work with many schools, sports teams, community, and volunteer organizations to help them fundraise!   

We even work with businesses and corporate sponsors!  Host a clothing drive and we will reimburse the charity of your choice on your behalf!   

How does it work? 

You can collect for a day, at the same time as another event where you expect a large turnout, or collect over a period of time if you have a space to hold it (a shed or indoor section of the school, your business office, even collect in your own garage).    

Sometimes extending the collection period over a few weeks can yield a higher volume, although the you can do equally well with a one day collection!    

The key is getting the word out!   Successful clothing drives typically require low cost advertising, such circulating flyers around the community, through email, and social media outlets!  We will assist you by providing consultation, helping to create marketing materials, and social media advertising!  

In any case, we will pick up after your event, the donations will be brought back to our facility and weighed, and we will send out a check, usually within 5 business days!   We will reimburse you for every pound you collect.     

Frequently Asked Questions

What can we collect?  Are there items you don't take? What happens to the clothes?  Should we sort anything?

Need a flyer?

Download our template!

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Looking For Monthly Income?

Clothing Donation Bins


This is a great opportunity to earn a significant steady flow of revenue!   Place an on-site Clothing Donation Bin!

We will pick up the clothing donations each week and your organization would receive a check every month for the donations collected.  

Corporate Sponsors – This is great opportunity to increase your philanthropic efforts!  Partner with us to benefit the charitable organization of your choice! Make a continual monthly contribution by placing an on site Clothing Donation bin.  

We will pick up the clothing donations and your charity will be reimbursed every month on behalf of your company.